Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on the Direction of my Re-representation

As my design has progressed, my vision has followed suit. My carpark is now much taller than five stories, as I had to add extra levels to compensate for the previously excessive ceiling height of each level. I have for now scrapped the idea of an external car park, which was going to slope up from the ground floor to level 3, reminiscent of the sloped form to the left of the Vitra Museum's main entrance. In its place I am constructing a curved ramp. However I have not ruled out an external car park altogether, and will explore further ways of incorporating one into my design. I have also scrapped the idea of using bright colours.

While I have attempted to somewhat rationalise the abstract nature of the Vitra Museum's design in my own structure through my repeated use of the cross shape, I will continue to add interesting features to my car park that will further highlight its origins in the Vitra Museum. These may include more use of white, further inclusion of solid forms, and the addition of more randomised geometric forms.

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