Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rough 3DS Max Model

Playing around with castles

Practicing castle modelling and texturing in 3DS Max and Crysis:

Sam's Environment - Final Sketches

Sam, being a dragon, comes from the world of myth and fantasy. He feels most at home therefore in the stereotypical abode of dragons in fairytale stories - the castle. Sam's castle will infuse reality and fantasy to hopefully produce a unique outcome. The structure will feature several towers, a gatehouse, a dining hall, a loft/sleeping quarters, and will be located on a sheer rocky outcrop.

The loft will be a large building consisting of one open space, where Sam sleeps high up in the rafters. The dining hall will be a smaller, comfortable room, with a long table and fireplace (Sam is a relatively civilised dragon). Sam is incredibly agile and enjoys climbing and jumping, and therefore a separate tower is located on another rocky outcrop, only accessible by a set of floating stepping stones. Similarly this tower can only be climbed externally by platforms spaced around its circumference.

Here is a rough sketch:

And a bird's eye view:

Final Chosen Creature:


Sam's Environment - Draft Model

Sam's Environment - Early Sketches

Larry's Environment - Sketches

Larry's life is centred around battling rivals to his territory. As such, his cave habitat is designed to accommodate this lifestyle. From the entrance to his cave, which is situated on the side of a rocky hill, he has an excellent view over the surrounding countryside, enabling him to spot any potential threats. A boulder can be swung over the cave entrance in the event that his home is threatened. Inside, boulders are clustered together in several locations, either to serve as weights for Larry's training, or to provide camoflage for when he is asleep (Larry is an excellent chameleon and blends into piles of rocks when asleep for protection). Furthermore, on the lower level of his cave is an arena, where he practices fighting with his friends.

Chosen Creatures:



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spore creatures

Simon, the ugly monster:

Simon's fire-resistant skin makes living in lava fields a very comfortable affair. He makes his home within old lava tunnels, where molten rock has cooled and hardened to form underground caverns. He spends his days digging and searching for particularly delicious rocks.

Sam, the agile dragon:

Sam's light and agile body means this creature is adept at jumping long distances. He resides in a fantasy castle on a cliff-top, and spends his time sunbathing and climbing.

Larry, the tiger-warthoggy thing:

Larry is a tough, bad-tempered creature who loves nothing more than to fight another of his kind. When he is not actually fighting, he can generally be found either searching for a fight, or guarding his home - a cave at the base of a large hill.


Pete, like Sam, is a dragon, however much less agile and more comfortable near the ground. He lives in an abandoned dungeon at the foot of a mountain. The area around Pete's home is burnt and blackened as he loves nothing more than to set things on fire with his breath.


Birdosaurus lives in a massive nest high up on the side of a cliff. He is a compulsive hoarder and spends his time flying low over the surrounding countryside searching for unique items to add to his nest.

Folding and modelling task

Paper Plane:


Crane: (Model by Patrick Marsden)