Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Idea/Direction for Re-representation

I have decided to re-represent the Vitra Design Museum as a multi-story carpark. I have made this choice with careful consideration as to what I hope to achieve through my work. By drawing from Gehry's work when creating my design, I hope to re-invent the pattern of uninspiring designs often used in the construction of multi-story carparks. I realise the rational nature of many high-rise carparks is due to the need to use space efficiently, but unhampered as I am in this exercise by practical limitations, I aim to achieve an end product that is primarily visually engaging, but also serves its purpose well.

My carpark will be around five stories high and essentially cross-shaped (taken from the Vitra Museum). It will be constructed from concrete, with a glass roof. Ramps from one level to the next will run up one side of the structure, and will be inspired by the spiral staircase of the Vitra Museum. Dual external elevators will run up another side, with these being abstract in shape and influenced by some of the random geometrical shapes seen on the Vitra. Also drawing influence from the Vitra will be the external carpark, which will curve around one side of the building and gently slope up from the ground floor to level two. Furthermore, my carpark will take inspiration from the Rasin Building in Prague, with inward sloping curves seen in the form of several of its sides, and the Venice Beach House in California, with the use of bright colours and the idea of pulling apart different elements of a building.

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