Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Poster

Draft Poster

The 500 words:

The poster text will be broken up into five sections:


In many ways, Sam is your typical dragon. He displays many of the traits that fairytales, myths and legends have assigned to him - he breathes fire, he flies, he loves a good roar, and of course, he loves castles. However, because of these habits, people often misjudge Sam. For underneath his fearsome exterior, Sam is a good-natured, fun-loving creature.

Possessed with boundless energy, Sam is a skilled flyer, however he much prefers to use his powerful legs for jumping and climbing. When not on the move, Sam spends his time sleeping, sunbathing, or eating. Sam’s castle and its surroundings are ideal for providing him with a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.


Sam’s habitat is an amalgamation of reality and fantasy. Sam, being a dragon, is derived from a world of myth and magic. When one thinks of a dragon, one immediately envisages knights and castles, princesses and tall towers. It is this stereotype that I used as the basis for Sam’s habitat. A grand castle, with shining walls and tall towers, situated precariously on the edges of impossibly high cliffs linked together by floating platforms - by including features such as this, I hoped to represent the fantasy world that gave birth to the idea of dragons. While many elements of Sam’s world are unrealistic, I attempted to add depth to the environment by adding a layer of realism. The castle I constructed actually has its roots in the real world, being loosely inspired by Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany. Furthermore, by giving Sam human-like characteristics and habits, I was able to add to his habitat more relatable features, such as a dining table and chairs, pictures on the wall, and a well. Therefore, by humanising Sam, I was able to ground his environment in day to day reality, and in doing so, provide a stark contrast to the world he really belongs in.


The dining hall is grand and richly decorated, reflecting Sam’s remarkably cultured and civilised manner. While generally relatively solitary, Sam does on occasion entertain his friends, hence the need for the long table. The room is well lit and spacious, as Sam much prefers the outdoors. The dining hall doubles as Sam’s sleeping quarters, with the dragon finding nothing more comfortable than a good night’s rest hanging from the rafters.


The wide, spacious courtyard enables Sam to soak up some sun on a lazy afternoon. Considering he is cold-blooded, this is not only enjoyable, but necessary. The stone tiles paving the courtyard retain heat well, maximising Sam’s heat absorption.


This tower is Sam’s pride and joy. Situated on a separate outcrop, the tower is only accessible via hovering stepping stones, and can only be climbed using the platforms that spiral around its exterior. As previously explained, Sam much prefers climbing to flying, and has endless fun practicing his skills on this tower. As it is the tallest feature of his environment, Sam is also rewarded with a spectacular view on reaching the top.