Sunday, October 10, 2010

Further Research Into/ Development of Re-representation

Some renders showing my design's progress. As you can see, more floors have been added to bring the ceiling height down, and construction of the curved ramp has begun.

The spiral staircase of the Vitra Museum will be used in my design as ramps from one floor to the next.

The sloped form seen on the left of the Vitra Museum in the picture below has inspired a curved ramp running from the main entrance of my carpark up to level 3.

The warped cube above the main entrance of the Vitra Museum will be replicated above the main entrance of the carpark, to be used as a sign post.

The cross on the top of the Vitra Design Museum informs the overall shape of my design, and inspired the tilted glass and steel roof of my structure.

The warped nature of the external supporting pylons was influenced by Gehry's Rasin Building, seen below. These rough renders show them in a partially completed state. Internal pylons will also be added.

I am considering incorporating vibrant colour into my design, reminiscent of Gehry's Venice Beach House, seen below:

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