Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Model

As the images below show, my concept has changed somewhat since my last update on my direction. Each floor has been rotated ten degrees further than the one below it, creating a spiral effect similar to that of the Vitra Museum's spiral staircase. The steel pylons on the exterior of my car park have been remodelled to fit the structure's new shape. This has moved my design away from Gehry's Rasin Building, but has brought it more into line with my case study's (the Guggenheim) curvaceous form. Most other elements remain unchanged, such as the cube above the main entrance and the curved ramp. Two central cylindrical pylons have been added inside the car park as extra support, doubling as the elevator and stair well. The ramps between each level have ended up as simple curves, but I think they work well with my overall design. I have also decided that the cross-shaped roof will be a solar panel, giving my design an environmentally friendly lean.

By remodelling the shape of my building I believe I have made the design more interesting, and more in keeping with the free flowing curves of some aspects of the Vitra Museum, as well as the Guggenheim. My car park bears definitive hallmarks of the Vitra but takes the randomness of the Vitra's design and converts it into a more ordered structure that fulfills the requirements of efficiency that every multi-story car park must do.

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